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Calais Carol

I have been an ardent fan of choral and acapella music since my days in the school choir and the boys barbershop group. From Taverner to Tom Lehrer the music that I internalised through singing remains prominent in my musical personality. I continued singing after university with London Vocal Project (Bobby McFerrin, Norma Winstone, Jon Hendricks) contributing compositions and arrangements between 2008-2015. However my first commission to write for a church choir came from my old school, in need of a carol for their Christmas celebrations.

The parallels between the refugee crisis in North Africa and Europe that we see today and the Nativity story are too obvious to be set aside. The result is the Calais Carol. The lyric describes the journey of a pregnant refugee mother attempting to reach Calais in the hope of crossing into the UK. Hers, like the nativity story, has a happy ending.