Creation™ is a musical comedy that reveals the explosive untold tale of Adam and Eve as they grapple with the trials of companionship, the ways of GOD™, and the awesome responsibility of being the first human subjects in the absurd and mysterious Garden Of Eden©.

The Garden Of Eden© was the most controversial of the GOD™Paradise Projects. Designed as an experiment into the creation and cultivation of new consumers of authentic GOD™ food, entertainment, and leisure products, it was the first to combine both human and animal kinds. 

 To keep order and ensure the constant consumption of authentic GOD™products, advertising of the GOD™ brand had become ubiquitous within The Garden. Large scale billboards dominated the landscape. Public Service Announcements broke the heavenly peace and each stone, root, and fruit was emblazoned with the now legendary GOD™logo. GOD™sanctioned anthems were popular among the Bright and Beautiful including ‘Leave That Apple On The Tree’ by The Evergreens, I’m Your Milk, You’re My Honey’ by Ray and The Reptiles, and Harmony-by The Creations.

Much Later... Eve unwittingly discovers the terrible secret behind the GOD™ Creation Project. With the help of the Serpent she finds a way to save the animals and leave The Garden forever. She confronts GOD but are imprisoned and guarded by the Bright And The Beautiful. Adam becomes powerless and hysterical, willing only to a) copulate or b) listen to the Regulation Garden Audio Network Disc and die in captivity. Realising she needs Adam’s help to leave, Eve uses all of her powers of ‘sexuality, persuasion, hustle and R’n’B’ to force him to his senses. (Be A Man For Me)

With the help of the Serpent Eve finds a way to save the animals and leave The Garden forever. Eve and the serpent escape resolving to do whatever they can to save the animals and leave The Garden forever.  Whilst alone, Adam has a morality crisis and resolves to defy GOD™ whatever the cost. (Right And Wrong) He runs to Eve’s aid.


Rise of the Rat was culled from an earlier storyline, but before the poor rodent languishes in the trash forever, here is his gripe :)


Lyrics and Music composed, produced, arranged and mixed by Tommy Antonio

Vocals: Adam: KJ Hippensteel, Eve: Emma Smith, Animal Chorus: Tommy Antonio, Fini Bearman, Harriet Syndecombe Court, Billy Boothroyd, Ella Hohnen Ford, Elspeth Piggott

Percussion: Zands Duggan

Drum kit: Paul Gregory

Guitars: Nick Costley White, Billy Adamson, Rob Lamont, Ben Barritt