Original Soundtracks

Urge For Going is drawn from an expansive mid west American sound, nostalgic and emotive, akin to Brian Eno's production on U2’s Joshua Tree, James Horner soundtracks and Jon Hopkins. 

Wild - Written for National Youth Theatre's production of Dennis Kelly's Pigeon English, which centres around a Ghanaian immigrant teenager's new life in a suburb of London. 'Wild' combines Ghanaian percussion, modern synth elements prevalent in grime, and playground ambience as an energetic and tragic finale to the play. 

Focus - Soundtrack for the Award winning Hong Kong filmmaker Mo Lai Yan Chi's one take wonder produced for the HKBU 60th Anniversary. 

"Stitch in Time"- A commission for an art exhibition led to the creation of an endless sound installation.  Memory, intuition, hope and fear interweave in this morphing piece for synth, string quartet, double bass and piano. Included are close miked factory recordings of fabric houses and the classic singer sewing machine. The listener is reminded of the practicality of textile work and its industrial heritage as well as the more abstract transportive nature of the works encouraging a closer look at the construction of each piece. 

Written for Zappar, one of the foremost augmented reality content creators, these tracks capture the energy of a forward looking company, and the out of world experiences they give their users