With the following tracks I combined the cinematic gesture of simple piano parts with a spacious modern production in the vein of Brian Eno, Coldplay and Jon Hopkins.

Longing For Home is drawn from an expansive mid-west American sound, nostalgic and emotive, akin to Brian Eno's production on U2’s Joshua Tree, James Horner soundtracks and Jon Hopkins. 

Mo shot FOCUS for the 60th birthday celebrations of HKBU.  The brief was 6mins, and with a tiny budget she has brought to life a stirring piece of physical theatre, in one take in one of the busiest public spaces in Hong Kong. Given the sweeping movements of the camera and the or so different mini scenes the music had to reflect constant motion, never letting the viewer be left behind.  I settled on a rolling Philip Glass figure on piano but with a mite more harmonic variation