refuge film poster.jpg

The Refuge

  Having composed and produced the soundtrack to Maria Millan's short film The Refuge I wanted to give life to the score as an album. As I worked on the score lyrics emerged naturally from the scenes that Maria had constructed. Abstract and low in the mix, they emerge as thoughts and memories that serve to illustrate the journey of Eva in her new surroundings. 

  Maria Millan is a London based Image Maker. She is known for her amazing storytelling in her editorials, normally charged with tension and hidden feelings that she manages to bring to the surface in a subtle way in her pictures found in Vogue, Huff, Complot magazine amongst others. Now she has done a film: A story of a women’s aid refuge where we find four girls living in an isolated fortress gatehouse: The Refuge. The film is a protest to the current crisis that these institutions are facing due to government cuts. It shows how women are being marginalized instead of being included into society.