Twelfth Night

Dom James and I have played together for close to 10 years in The Dixie Ticklers and have always enjoyed a free flowing dynamic musical relationship. We first broached the idea of writing together having noticed the rise of immersive theatre shows in London.  We soon set about devising the world's first Immersical, an immersive musical adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. 

We decided nothing was to be added to Shakespeare's original text although we would alter the order of speeches considerably in order to satisfy song forms and a musical theatre setting.

The result, a workshop performance at Iklektik Studios in Waterloo saw the captive audience dressing the characters, drinking with Toby Belch, singing a bar room jig and dancing reels with the count. Musically we bridged the world of opera and musical theatre in an eccentric take on this the most beloved of Shakespeare's comedies.